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Fix the Engineers world wide problem

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02 Sep. 2020

The world is now become easier and relaxable for the contribution of Engineers. They can build & maintain the structure of the world, they can control the entire solar system just from in one place. Engineers have the ability now to control the environment with their own style. So, its true that they are valuable number of percentage among the people who contribute the world being better. That is only possible when Engineers being together & work together for better world. A proverb we knows that 'Unity is strength divided we fall'.

Lets come to the point that 'are the engineers really united or not?' In short, the answer is yes but here also have some obstacles. Engineers have unity but within some particular genus. It should to be world wide and boundless. That's why, we should take the responsibility to fix the problem or obstacles of Engineers.

'Fixgin' the term comes from fix the engineers problem. Now question arrived, how they do it? They have a platform name Fixgin. It's one kind of Engineers forum where every engineer can join or work together. World wide engineers can negotiate in a specific topic or any kinds of industrial problem. Everyone can share their experience here. Said that negotiation is the main theme to solve a problem. So, In this platform an engineers can get advice or collaboration from others through shoutbox. They can also chat with individual person personally. They also can create a room with the multiple engineers through chat or video conversation. If we can proper utilize this system, our industries development become faster than before. This is the platform where all engineers have their portfolio as if 'Fixgin' can decide whom to divide into many genius team to work with a industrial problem which come to the Fixgin through industry. If the team can solve the problem they will get the prize from that industry who will be benefited.

Not only engineers but also the students who are studying in engineering also get the benefit of Fixgin. student can collect their resource here. They can in touch with their inter department students & with the rest universities same department students also. They are really benefited each other.

To be a part of Fixgin member user should to register first. Then they can join any groups suitable for him/her. Engineers group and students group is different from each other. There are also sub group here. Engineers are divided by their profession or job category. Students are divided by department wise. Students and Engineers can post any interesting topic while other get benefited. They can also store their necessary things here.

We can conclude by saying that Fixgin is really amazing and necessary platform for the Engineers & Engineering students. There is a application of Fixgin everyone can download it from the website. 

Here is the platform link: click here

Asifur Rahman


Dept. of marketing, Star IT Lab

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